Online dating married couples

24-Jan-2018 15:23

This comes home to me every once in awhile when I wander into a liberal forum like the Huffington Post, and read agonized missives from women around my own age (mid-thirties), trying to figure out ways to revitalize their interest in marital relations.Apparently this worry is common, since pharmaceutical companies are searching for a pill that will enable women to artificially ramp up their sex drive.Artificial contraceptives were supposed to clear that obstacle, leaving married people free to consummate their love as often as they chose.It turns out that even within marriage, it isn’t always healthy to have constant access to consequence-free sex.

Life keeps moving, and you want it to move in such a way as to make marital intimacy something to relish.This was paired with an explanatory spreadsheet in which he had documented, for several weeks, all the times she had refused his request for sex, complete with her proffered excuse. This in itself is of course wildly inappropriate, but the resulting discussion was actually moderately interesting, as people discussed the scope of “wifely duties” and debated how much effort husbands should be obliged to make to facilitate marital intimacy.

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