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But officers were satisfied that no crime had taken place and did not feel the need to handcuff the dominatrices.A Met Police spokesman said: "We haven't made any arrests but there has been a call to the location in the last week.Brocken Hurst naturist centre claims to be the UK’s largest, allowing 465 members to come together and wander naked through its woodland site. AS I swam naked with a doctor called Roger, he told me about the proud tradition of public nudity.That tradition is alive and well at Brocken Hurst, a 50-acre site run by The Naturist Foundation charity in Orpington with room for 100 caravans and sports facilities including a swimming pool, tennis courts and sauna.As the centre’s chaplain Trevor Humber explained: “Basically we do all the things other people do but without any clothes.“We find this great liberation and freedom in feeling the air on our skin.” Unfortunately on my visit the cold weather seems to be preventing anyone but Roger and I from experiencing that liberation, which he claims goes all the way back to biblical times.

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"You don't want your children growing up around a BDSM sex dungeon." But Evilyne reckons that bondage is fast becoming all the rage, and hopes to carry on working.

But men prefer women in bikinis or something skimpy.

“It’s not about exhibitionism - it’s about being comfortable with who you really are.” Personally, few things could have been less comfortable for me than sitting in front of Trevor with no clothes on.

"They think I'm running a brothel, and I'm not - maybe they should come for a visit to see for themselves.

"There is a lack of understanding about fetishes, and men generally keep it a secret from everyone in their life - maybe some of the wives around here are worried about their husbands." • George Osborne’s dominatrix friend names her former clients Evilyne has lived in the detached home with her partner, who is also a dominatrix called Governess Ely, for the last two years.Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.