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It is also said that the person who makes the talisman must be well-versed in the symbolism of elemental and planetary forces.

For example several known medieval talismans featured geomantic signs and symbols in relation to planets symbols, which are also frequently used in geomantic divination and Alchemy.

On the stone walls of the Buddhist caves of India, which feature many of the symbols, arms are often turned both ways in the same inscription.

The Renaissance scientific building Uraniborg has been interpreted as an astrological talisman to support the work and health of scholars working inside it, designed using Marsilio Ficino's theorized mechanism for astrological influence.

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However, these must be used in harmony with the elemental or planetary force chosen so as to amplify the intended power of the talisman.

, and in last night’s episode she approached producer A1 about a potential collaboration. Charlamagne has also went at some of the biggest rappers in history, so in my [BLEEP] I’m up there with Kanye and Drake and everybody else he puts down. But listen, If Charlamagne is dissing Chanel West Coast, you’re just putting me up in the caliber of the motherf***ers you’re dissing.” Fast forward to this morning’s episode of clip ends. The thing about Chanel West Coast is that she’s always talking about this imaginary resume she has. She’s like the side chick who claims she’s the main chick, but when you ask the guys about it that she claims to be with, they don’t claim her like that.” Ouch!

“I thought you was just a host,” A1 says when he is introduced to Chanel as a musician. “Just so you can get familiar,” Chanel snaps back, “I was with Lil Wayne and Young Money. I was in a session with French Montana and I’m, like, ‘Yo, we should work.’ You had your shades on and, I don’t know, you probably never looked at me, but I was trying to work with you and you played me.” We then see a rather jubilant A1 doing a voice over. If you throw shade at somebody that’s coming up, that’s gonna come back and haunt you! I’m just going to step out of the way and let Charlamagne say his peace: , Chanel West Coast is trying to convince a producer named A1 to do something that no producer really wants to do and that’s record music with her.

Their use, however, was typically considered acceptable; references to amulets were common in medieval medical literature.

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For example, one well-known medieval physician, Gilbertus, writes of the necessity of using a talisman to ensure conception of a child.

This object, a Talismanic Scroll dating from the 11th-century was discovered in Egypt and produced in the Fatimid Islamic Caliphate (909-1171 C. It resides in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY) along with a number of other Medieval Islamic amulets and talismans that were donated to the museum by the Abemayor family in 1978.

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